Suján JAWAI – Wilderness, Luxury, and Cultural Connection

Embrace the Untamed Beauty and Engage in an Ethical Journey of Discovery.


A Symphony of Nature and Luxury Suján JAWAI is not merely an exquisite destination; it’s a doorway into an untamed landscape, harmonizing luxury with ecological mindfulness. Located amidst dramatic wilderness, the camp comprises 10 elegant tents, including a Family and a Royal Suite, redefining sustainable opulence. Days at JAWAI are adorned with thrilling leopard tracking adventures, rejuvenating outdoor yoga, and spellbinding stargazing nights, offering an unforgettable retreat.


Immersive Experience Beyond Expectations Exploration at JAWAI extends to nearby villages, granting insightful glimpses into local culture and the camp’s transformative community projects. The unique experience of dining on a granite kopje overlooking the wild or enjoying picnics by serene lakes promises a culinary journey like no other. The flexible meal timings align with your safari drives and excursions, offering buffet-style salads, fresh pasta, or fish from local fishermen, cooked live in an interactive kitchen.


Culinary Mastery with a Personal Touch Meals at JAWAI transcend mere sustenance, turning into events that connect you with nature and fellow explorers. Whether gathered around the campfire or the Boma, dining becomes an opportunity to forge friendships and share experiences. Private dining at awe-inspiring locations enhances the allure, with breakfasts in the bush and luncheons by the lakes, crafted using homegrown or locally-sourced fresh ingredients.


A Haven of Wellness – The SUJÁN Spa For those seeking solace and well-being, the SUJÁN Spa extends an invitation to tranquility. Guided by a wellness expert, guests can embark on personalized journeys of meditation and yoga by the lake, poolside, or within the privacy of their tents. Traditional wellness practices rejuvenate the body and soul, enhancing overall well-being and fitness levels.


Suján JAWAI – A Timeless Experience Awaits Whether it’s the allure of the wilderness, the charm of luxurious accommodations, or the connection to local culture and community, Suján JAWAI presents a unique opportunity for discerning travelers. Every moment here is a testament to the camp’s commitment to delivering an unparalleled experience in harmony with nature.

Championing Conservation at Suján JAWAI

• Commitment to Natural Heritage: At JAWAI, conservation is a lifestyle. Innovative environmental protection strategies are embraced, including afforestation and low-impact construction to reduce the carbon footprint.

• The Vision of Jaisal & Anjali Singh: With a passion for preserving India’s wildlife, heritage, and culture, the Singhs have personally designed Suján JAWAI to integrate well-regulated eco-tourism practices, including a ‘no plastic’ policy and nurturing indigenous plants.

• Agricultural Harmony and Organic Practices: The commitment to organic farming methods preserves indigenous poultry and cattle gene strains. Local suppliers are encouraged to adopt natural and traditional practices, reducing environmental impact.


• Community Development and Education: Suján JAWAI’s involvement with 11 local schools around JAWAI ensures quality education, teacher training, and infrastructure support. Computer centers provide training for hundreds of students, impacting the lives of over 1,474 young minds.


• Returning Land to Wildlife: Through agreements with local farmers, over 102 acres of agricultural land at JAWAI have been returned to wildlife and ecological use. This supports biodiversity and offers financial protection to the local farming community.

• Supporting Conservation: Every guest’s visit contributes to a fund that supports Suján’s projects and local conservation partners. Their initiatives focus on protection and preservation of wild animals, habitat restoration, community development, and anti-poaching and research.

SUJÁN’s Conservation Aims Encompass:

• Protection and preservation of wildlife, especially leopards.
Restoring land for ecological use and wildlife support.
Holistic community development: Health, Education, Employment.
• Vigilant monitoring, anti-poaching operations, and research.

Venture into Suján JAWAI, and immerse yourself in a world where luxury coexists with a heartfelt commitment to safeguarding the environment, empowering communities, and preserving the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Tents & Suites at SUJÁN JAWAI.

SUJÁN JAWAI is a secluded luxury safari camp set amidst ancient landscapes near Jodhpur and Udaipur, India. With seven renovated “rock” suites and three specialty suites, including the private “Eden at JAWAI,” it offers an elegant blend of comfort and wilderness. Guests can enjoy leopard safaris, equestrian adventures, and luxurious amenities like a private jacuzzi, swimming pool, and spa. The décor’s muted palette contrasts with bright scarlet accents, reflecting local culture while emphasizing conservation.
The Tented 'Rock' Suite
SUJÁN JAWAI Tented Rock Suite

The Tented 'Rock' Suites

These sumptuous luxury tents at SUJÁN JAWAI are marked by incredible spaciousness and comfort. Each double tent boasts its own private sit-out area, offering sweeping vistas of the captivating Jawai wilderness. Enhancing the experience, the newly renovated en suite bathrooms are furnished with a bathtub and elegant marble shower. These thoughtful touches seamlessly blend luxury with nature, providing guests an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the wilderness while enjoying the finest amenities.

SUJÁN JAWAI Family Felidae Suite

The Family 'Felidae' Suite

The Family 'Felidae' Suite at SUJÁN JAWAI is thoughtfully designed for families or groups of four journeying together. Comprising a pair of tents that share a common plinth and verandah, this suite provides both connection and privacy. Positioned slightly apart from the other tents, the 'Felidae' Suite grants stunning panoramas of the surrounding landscape, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a serene and picturesque retreat that accommodates the collective experience of a group.

SUJÁN JAWAI Royal Panthera Suite

The Royal 'Panthera' Suite

The Royal 'Panthera' Suite at SUJÁN JAWAI epitomizes luxury and privacy, set against the breathtaking vistas of the dramatic Jawai wilderness. Located away from the other tents in its exclusive area, this suite is a sanctuary of indulgence. Guests can luxuriate in a private heated swimming pool, unwind in distinct lounge and dining areas, and explore the wild in a private jeep, all attended to by a dedicated butler. With ample space to revel in between game drives or other excursions, the 'Panthera' Suite provides an unparalleled retreat for those wishing to immerse themselves in opulence while surrounded by nature's grandeur.


Eden at JAWAI

Eden at JAWAI represents the newest private encampment within the Jawai camp, offering an exclusive retreat into nature's embrace. This two double bedroom suite, accessible through a private entrance, showcases interconnecting bedrooms, a combined lounge and dining tent, a heated pool, and an expansive deck. From this private sanctuary, guests are treated to mesmerizing views of Jawai's loftiest peaks and dramatic wilderness. Further enhancing the experience, Eden at JAWAI has a private jeep and butler, ensuring personalized service and convenience. Should additional space be needed, a third tent is available within this suite upon request, adding to the flexible luxury that defines Eden at JAWAI.

Explore Trips to SUJÁN JAWAI

Jawai, Rajasthan, located in a captivating landscape marked by stunning geological formations, is an unparalleled destination for nature lovers, wildlife photographers, and cultural enthusiasts. Integral to the conservation of the region’s diverse wildlife, including leopards, Jawai represents the harmonious balance between natural beauty and the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan.


The suggested itineraries here are crafted as guidelines and examples, meticulously designed to ignite your imagination and offer carefully chosen recommendations. You’re welcome to follow these itineraries or adapt them to your unique preferences. Each journey within Jawai, Rajasthan, is fully customizable, ensuring an experience tailored to your interests and desires.

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Rajasthan Culture & Wildlife Trip
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Wildlife & Culture of Rajasthan

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