Samode Safari Lodge

Samode Safari Lodge – A Gateway to Wilderness and Rejuvenation

Embrace the Essence of Nature

Samode Safari Lodge offers a serene retreat into nature’s embrace, effortlessly blending luxury and wilderness. Located next to the iconic Bandhavgarh National Park, the Lodge holds a special allure for those seeking an extraordinary safari experience. The echoes of the park’s rich history resonate within the Lodge, highlighting the importance of wildlife conservation.


A Harmonious Blend of Comfort and Adventure

The main lounge of Samode Safari Lodge, situated on the first floor, is a sanctuary of relaxation and elegance, adorned with wooden floors and two large wood-burning fireplaces. Whether reading a book in a cozy corner or soaking up the sun on the open-air deck, guests can enjoy unparalleled views of the property. With options like an outdoor swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, nature walks, biking, or exploring Mardari village, guests can tailor their stay to their liking. For those seeking tranquility and rejuvenation, a fully equipped spa offers therapeutic treatments after an exciting safari adventure.


Venture into Bandhavgarh National Park

The Bandhavgarh National Park, with its maze of well-forested valleys and plains, hosts an incredibly diverse ecosystem. Known for the world’s highest density of tigers, the park houses over 25 species of mammals, 250 species of birds, 80 types of butterflies, and numerous reptiles. A true paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, Bandhavgarh stands as a living testament to a unique blend of nature and history.

The Exhilarating Safari Experience

Samode Safari Lodge offers an exclusive and unforgettable safari experience within Bandhavgarh National Park. With customized 4×4 vehicles designed for maximum viewing pleasure, guests are guided by professionally trained guides and local trackers. Their expertise in reading the jungle ensures a rich understanding of the surroundings, promising an intimate encounter with the majestic tigers and other captivating creatures of the park. Exclusive and full-day drives can also be arranged for an immersive wildlife experience.


Indulge in Culinary Excellence

Dining at Samode Safari Lodge is a delightful adventure in itself, offering different menus and venues each day. From gourmet dining at the main restaurant to outdoor barbecues by the campfire or poolside meals, culinary creativity takes center stage. Whether enjoying a romantic meal in the privacy of your own villa or partaking in a special picnic under the sky, every dining experience promises to tantalize your taste buds, complemented by excellent wines.

Samode Safari Lodge – A Cherished Memory

With its commitment to delivering an enriching experience that melds adventure, relaxation, and luxury, Samode Safari Lodge provides an unparalleled escape into the wild. A journey here is more than a mere vacation; it is an opportunity to connect with nature, to feel its pulse, and to be a part of a world where the wild heart of Bandhavgarh beats.

Villas at Samode Safari Lodge

Samode Safari Lodge: A Haven of Luxury and Wilderness

Samode Safari Lodge, nestled within the wilderness of Bandhavgarh National Park, offers an extraordinary retreat that is both elegant and harmoniously integrated with its natural surroundings. Here’s a closer look at the exclusive accommodations that make this place truly exceptional:


Private Villas: A Symphony of Comfort and Elegance

The property is adorned with 12 independent villas, each meticulously designed to reflect the rich traditions and wildlife of the region. Every villa provides a luxurious and private sanctuary, with spacious living areas adorned with tasteful art décor and vibrant animations.


Interior Excellence: Modern Amenities and Authentic Touch

Inside each villa, guests find an array of modern comforts seamlessly blended with authentic Indian design. The living room, equipped with hidden plasma TV, DVD player, and an iPod dock, opens into a bedroom featuring a majestic four-poster bed. The en-suite bathroom, boasting a bathtub and separate showers, leads to a unique open-air bath court with an oversized tub, where guests can bathe under the glittering Indian sky. Luxurious toiletries, a hairdryer, bathrobes, and a powder room add to the indulgence.


In-Villa Conveniences: Thoughtful Touches

The villas are equipped with air conditioning, heating, overhead fans, and Lavazza coffee makers to ensure ultimate comfort. A minibar, tea, and coffee-making facilities offer a touch of home, while the private verandahs present sweeping views of the enchanting forest.


A Blend of Tradition and Adventure

Inspired by local villages and constructed with wood and mud, the villas at Samode Safari Lodge harmonize beautifully with the forest and grassland surroundings. Winding pathways and bridges connect the villas to the main lodge, where guests can enjoy delicious dining experiences in various surprise locations, and the pool area, surrounded by large shaded loungers.


The elegance, design, and attention to detail in each villa, combined with the rich cultural ambiance and thrilling wildlife experience, make Samode Safari Lodge a dream destination for discerning travelers seeking a unique and immersive Indian adventure.

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