Kanha Jungle Lodge

Kanha Jungle Lodge: An Eco-Conscious Experience

Set amidst 11 acres of thick Sal forest, close to the Mukki gate of Kanha National Park, Kanha Jungle Lodge offers an eco-friendly and warm stay. The lodge is designed with minimum interference to the natural environment, making it a green abode surrounded by lavish Sal trees that adds a divine and meditative touch to the stay.


Diverse Landscapes: Flora, Fauna, and Ecology

Kanha National Park is a vast region rich in biodiversity, with over 1000 species of flora and fauna. The woodland vividly showcases over 200 varieties of wildflower species, mixed forest trees, and aquatic plants. The avifauna is diverse, revealing critical facets of Kanha’s ecology.


Local Ethos and Indigenous Workforce: Embracing Culture and Empowering Communities

At Kanha Jungle Lodge, the integration of local heritage, employing 95 percent local workforce including tribal women, and replicating local design aesthetics shows a profound commitment to the community. The experiences curated allow guests to gain insights into the lives and culture of the local tribes.


Ethical Practices and Philanthropy: The Spirit of Conservation

Kanha Jungle Lodge is an epitome of eco-conscious practices, from sourcing products directly from the locals to being plastic-free. The philanthropic initiatives date back to the Sankhala Family’s dedication to tiger conservation, contributing to projects such as Project Tiger and empowering the local population through various conservation measures.

Cuisine of the Jungle: Farm to Table Experience

Promoting farm-to-table food, the lodge offers an array of thematic meals, from local to world cuisine. The emphasis on home-grown herbs and regionally inspired recipes ensures a nutritious and delightful culinary experience.


Your Own ‘Boutique’ Home: Spacious and Splendid Comfort

The charming cottages, blending village architecture with contemporary design, provide an understated luxury experience. Spacious, cozy, and comfortable, the cottages offer modern amenities for the global eco-aware traveler. The views of greenery, wooden furnishings, and expansive balcony areas add to the tranquillity of the place.


Kanha: The Land of the Tiger

Kanha, known as the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book, offers enchanting mornings with golden sunrays filtering through the dense forests. The conservation efforts and philosophy encapsulated in the statement “You save the tiger, you save the forest” reflects the unwavering commitment of the Sankhala family towards wildlife conservation.

Accommodations at the Kanha Jungle Lodge

Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge: Where Heritage Meets Conservation

Embracing a Conservation Legacy: In the heart of Madhya Pradesh lies Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge, an embodiment of the Sankhala family’s lifelong commitment to tiger conservation in India. Established by the family of Kailash Sankhala, who once led India’s Project Tiger, the lodge is more than just a place to stay – it is part of a rich history dating back to the 1960s.


Generations of Commitment: Three generations of the Sankhala family have dedicated themselves to wildlife conservation. From Kailash’s alarming call against tiger hunting to Amit Sankhala’s modern approach to address new challenges, the family’s passion continues to inspire.


Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge: A Unique Experience: Built in 1992, the lodge allows guests to slow down and immerse in nature. With 18 rooms, including 14 cottages and four villa rooms, the architecture draws inspiration from traditional village-style homes. Whether it’s a thrilling safari with knowledgeable naturalists, bird watching sessions, or delightful culinary experiences, the lodge offers a rich and varied experience.


Connecting with the Community: Village walks offer insight into the local tribes and the Sankhala family’s commitment towards them. Cultural activities, craft demonstrations, and local performances create a lively and authentic atmosphere.


Cuisine that Respects Tradition and Taste: The emphasis on promoting local flavors and environmentally conscious cooking manifests in diverse thematic meals. From street food to continental, guests savor an array of culinary delights.


A Peek into the Jungle: Bandhavgarh National Park, known for its dense tiger population and beautiful landscape, is just a short distance from the lodge. Experts record around 40 species of mammals, 300 species of birds, and 80 species of butterflies. The lodge is a preferred site for world-renowned photographers and filming teams.


Modern Comfort in a Rustic Setting: The rooms face gardens or the forest, providing a serene experience. Comfortable beds, handpicked linen, and home décor offer warmth and coziness. Features such as 24×7 hot and cold water supply, room service, and a medicinal garden set up with the help of locals enhance the stay.


A Destination with a Cause: Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge is more than a holiday destination; it’s a testament to the human endeavor to preserve nature and heritage. It stands as a bridge connecting guests with India’s rich wildlife, offering luxury embedded in responsibility.


Visit Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge, and discover a place where history, luxury, and a profound respect for nature converge.

Explore Trips to Kanha Jungle Lodge

Kanha Tiger Reserve, located in Madhya Pradesh, nestled within lush forests and expansive meadows, is an unparalleled destination for nature enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, and admirers of biodiversity. Integral to the conservation of the region’s diverse fauna, including the majestic Bengal tiger, the Kanha Tiger Reserve represents a harmonious blend of natural beauty and a commitment to preserving India’s ecological wonders.

The suggested itineraries here are crafted as guidelines and examples, meticulously designed to ignite your imagination and offer carefully chosen recommendations. You’re welcome to follow these itineraries or adapt them to your unique preferences. Each journey within Kanha Tiger Reserve is fully customizable, ensuring an experience tailored to your interests and desires.

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